Join the men of The Poz Life for our first live show on June 27th, 2014 at 8 pm EDT in recognition of National HIV Testing Day. We will have special guest Justin Toro as we discuss the importance of knowing your status. To engage in the conversation with please use #thepozlife. Also check out our blog and our twitter:@thepozlife. If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to email us also at!!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!

Justin’s Story :

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This Friday has already started off on the right note. Huge thanks to the CDC team for letting me chat with the amazing Justin. He is doing fantastic work for the LGBTQ community and has made strives to really push, empower, and motivate youth to be the best that they can be! Check out Justin’s video as well.

For more information on Let’s Stop HIV Together, check out:

Full Film Stay Positive | 8 min | 2013
A teen comes face to face with his HIV status when pressured into a blood drive by his grandmother and runs the risk of isolating himself and missing out on life.
Excerpt from Director’s Statement
“The personal tone in Stay Positive was birthed from my experiences testing for HIV. I had always been afraid of HIV, because I was taught to be afraid. I was taught to believe that HIV/AIDS is bad, a punishment for being gay, and a death sentence. In many ways, creating this film has allowed me to come face to face with my own fears and ignorance about HIV/AIDS and ask the questions I was too afraid to ask.”

Special Thanks Thanks:
In filming, we were very thankful for Howard Brown Health Center and Broadway United Methodist Church for allowing us location usage and other resources.

An additional piece of my HIV in the Rural Community.

We will have youth from across the nation discussion National Youth HIV&AIDS Awareness Day! #NYHAAD #NYHAADLive

Great work by Venton Jones and the team! Check out for more information

Young Black Gay Leadership Initiative’s 2014 Policy and Advocacy Summit

Check out my new series that discusses HIV in rural communities. I interview individuals who are actually on the ground leading the fight against this growing epidemic in rural Virginia. Please share and spread the word!