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Many times when a individual is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and they divulge their status to friends and family they quickly become more concerned with the emotions that their friends and family are experiencing instead of taking the time to focus on themselves first. Because of this people living with HIV/AIDS never heal and can become depressed because of the emotions they are holding in. This can affect their mental state, affect their relationships and other areas of their lives. In order to not only become healthy physically but emotionally and mentally as well, those living with HIV/AIDS must go through a process that allows them to accept their status, allows them to be angry, to cry or experience any other emotion/feeling they may need to. We decided that this was a very important topic to discuss and so please join us for our live show tonight at 7 pm as we talk about the importance of Grieving with HIV!!!!! Feel free to ask question via Twitter @thepozlife or use #grievingwithhiv or #thepozlife on Facebook!!!!!

Greiving with HIV

Check out the latest video for The Poz Life on Youtube!!!! I will be doing a mini video series of my wedding hopefully giving hope to those who are positive that love and marriage is still a possibility. So please join me on this journey of high, lows, good, bad and crazy lol.

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