Patrick Ingram is young gay black man who currently resides in Northern Virginia.  Currently, Patrick works in the HIV prevention field in Northern Virginia on the health department and community-based levels.  He is also pursuing his degree in Public Health.

Being diagnosed with HIV in 2011 and after noticing an absence of young people (specifically gay and black young people) advocating about social issues he decided to dedicate his life to being involved in the LGBTQ community on issues surrounding social justice and health education.  He currently promotes HIV testing/education, PrEP, health/wellness, and partner notification. He also spends his time advocating for expanded services for HIV prevention and treatment.  Patrick has rededicated his life to working alongside like minded people with a goal of ending the AIDS epidemic for good, getting new HIV infections down to zero, and reducing HIV related stigma.  He also provides technical assistance and capacity building assistance around social media, utilizing mobile hookup apps, creating story telling/personal narratives, working with gay/bisexual/MSM communities of color, rural regions, and other areas.  In addition, Patrick writes for and has written for and has been on shows like Huffpost Live.

Patrick speaks on panel discussions at conferences like the United States Conference on AIDS and has publicly told his story or shared specific experiences. He is currently on The National Minority AIDS Council’s HIV Leadership Working Group for their Health Literacy and Wellness Initiative, which allows him to share and voice his thoughts and opinions that benefit people living with HIV.  Patrick is on The Youth Scholar Steering Committee for NMAC’s Youth Initiative to End HIV&AIDS in America.   Patrick is also a National Youth HIV&AIDS Awareness Day Ambassador. His life is always eventful and the constant up and down experiences is what makes it so unique.

“In this fight we all possess skills and attributes that make each and every one of us valuable.  Let’s work together to ensure that we  can end the  HIV epidemic once and for all!”  -Patrick Ingram



To contact Patrick Ingram please email him at

  1. I just ran across your past posts on YouTube and decided to contact you because my story is way too similar. I’m from Henderson NC, went to the Marine Corps found out I was positive the exact same way as you did, I’m 27 yrs old living in Atlanta in school

  2. Arnol says:

    I don’t know you Patrick
    I just seen your blog for the first fime and I think you’re an amazing man .. Not allowing this to break you but instead make you stronger and becoming a role model to many .. A handsome man with a beautiful spirit we definitely need more people like yourself ,

  3. Billy says:

    I just happened to see your YouTube. You are a testimony, stay strong and continue on your path.

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