Top 10 things NOT to say to Gay Club Door Staff

Posted: March 22, 2015 by thepozlife in The Poz+ Life


1) “OMG it’s my birthday can I get in for free!?”

Awww… and I’m pretty sure there are 20 other birthdays behind you…so NO!…Chances are if the ID screener notices that it is  your birthday and you don’t make a big deal about it; they might actually put you on their personal guest list…. So quit asking and you might get your wish after all.

2) “Do girls get in for free?”

Oh love, that’s cute but look at the guy behind you, yes in the dress….He probably has more make up on than Ru Paul on set ….. Theres definitely more fish on that platter then you will ever serve …so yah NO! #NOTaSTR8club so sissy that walk and move along….

3) “Can I use my college ID?”

Look here boo boo kitty if it ain’t produced by the government and it don’t have your picture on it …..we…

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