Image  I definitely love this time of year.  Cuddled up with a good television show or book in front of a fireplace. Even watching the snowflakes fall down, steadily accumulating on flat objects can captivate me for hours.  This time of year people or more friendlier (if not fighting for last minute gifts), families come together, and many of us stop or selfish ways and begin to do look at ways to be there for others.  Christmas is a time of year where I become quiet, introverted, and begin the process of reflecting on my life both present and future.  This year I spent

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in a very different way then in previous years by just relaxing.  I took this time to catch up with friends, family, homework, and future projects that you will all love.  Also there is a new initiative and venture I am looking to step into; therefore, my brain was in constant motion.  Plenty of you always probably wonder, “What’s up with the frequency of your posts and videos?”  Well currently I am the only person behind PozLifeofPatrick and handle this blessing with additional educational and professional responsibilities.  Working 40+ hours a week and being a full-time student is tough but I am blessed and thankful for having the ability to do these things.  This Christmas I took some time to be thankful for the readers, watchers, family, friends, and the many opportunities I had.  With that said I want to promise you that in the New Year I will be giving you more quality videos and blog posts because you deserve it.

    Taking the time to look at the numbers I am proud to say that we have surpassed 500 likes on Facebook, more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, and many more people reaching out for support, answers, and directions to resources.  I use the word “we,” because without your support it would be nearly impossible to write on days that I hit a brick wall, finish 26.2 miles, or continue to fight for issues that affect the LGBTQ, youth, and HIV affected community.   Image

     This Christmas I decided that I want to give back to you all for being so faithful to me so make sure to follow me on here and social media for fun giveaways, chances to guest blog, and come onto PozLifeLive with me.  Again thank you so much for all that you continue to do for me because you all truly inspire and empower me!

  1. pozpatrick says:

    Thanks for the love!!

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